Depositing an Iowa Will

Iowa enables living testators to deposit their Will for safekeeping with the clerk of court. This should be done in your county. Once deposited, the Iowa Will is kept in a sealed wrapper. You may designate a person to be notified of the deposit of your Will once you die.

Here are the specific provisions of the Iowa probate code relating to depositing Wills:
633.286 Deposit of will with clerk. The clerk shall maintain a file for the safekeeping of wills. There shall be placed therein wills deposited with the clerk by living testators or by persons on their behalf, and wills of deceased testators not accompanied by petitions for the probate thereof, when deposited with the clerk by persons having custody thereof as provided in section 633.285. 633.287 Manner of deposit. Every such will shall be enclosed in a sealed wrapper. The clerk shall indorse thereon the name of the testator, the name of the depositor, the date of deposit, and, if provided, the name of the person to be notified of the deposit of such will upon the death of the testator. The clerk shall hold such will until disposed of as provided in section 633.288 or 633.289. 633.288 Delivery by clerk during lifetime of testator. During the lifetime of the testator, such will shall be delivered only to the testator, or to some person authorized by the testator by an order in writing duly acknowledged. 633.289 Delivery by clerk after death of testator. After being informed of the death of a testator, the clerk shall notify the person, if any, named in the indorsement on the wrapper of said will. If no petition for the probate thereof has been filed within thirty days after the death of the testator, it shall be publicly opened, and the court shall make such orders as it deems appropriate for the disposition of said will. The clerk shall notify the executor named therein and such other persons as the court shall designate of such action. If the proper venue is in another court, the clerk, upon request, shall transmit such will to such court, but before such transmission, the clerk shall make a true copy thereof and retain the same in the clerk’s files.

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