Appointing a Personal Representative for Nevada Will

Who handles the administration of the estate? This is governed by chapter 138 – Appointment of Personal Representatives, Nevada revised statutes.
NRS 138.010 Powers of personal representative before issuance of letters. 1. If a will has been admitted to probate, the court shall direct letters thereon to issue to the personal representative named in the will, who shall appear and qualify. 2. No person has any power as a personal representative until he or she qualifies, except that, before letters are issued, he or she may pay the funeral charges and take necessary measures for the preservation of the estate. NRS 138.020 Qualifications of executor; letters with will annexed. 1. No person is qualified to serve as an executor who, at the time the will is probated: (a) Is under the age of majority; (b) Has been convicted of a felony, unless the court determines that such a conviction should not disqualify the person from serving in the position of an executor; (c) Upon proof, is adjudged by the court disqualified to execute the duties of executor by reason of conflict of interest, drunkenness, improvidence or lack of integrity or understanding; or (d) Is a bank not authorized to do business in the State of Nevada, unless it associates as coexecutor a bank authorized to do business in this State. An out-of-state bank is qualified to appoint a substitute executor, pursuant to NRS 138.045, without forming such an association, but any natural person so appointed must be a resident of this State. 2. If a disqualified person is named as the sole executor in a will, or if all persons so named are disqualified or renounce their right to act, or fail to appear and qualify, letters of administration with the will annexed must issue. NRS 138.040 Executor not specifically named may be appointed. If it appears by the terms of a will that it was the intention of the testator to commit the execution of the will and the administration of the estate of the testator to any person as executor, that person, although not named executor, is entitled to letters testamentary in like manner as if that person had been named executor. NRS 138.060 Objections to appointment. 1. An interested person may file objections in writing to the granting of letters testamentary to the person or persons named as executors, or any of them, and those objections must be heard and determined by the court. 2. A petition may also be filed for the issuance of letters of administration, with the will annexed, in all proper cases. NRS 138.090 Administrators with will annexed: Order of appointment. 1. Administrators with the will annexed have the same authority as the executor named in the will would have had if the executor had qualified, and their acts are as effectual for every purpose, but if the power or authority conferred upon the executor is discretionary, and is not conferred by law, it is not conferred upon an administrator with the will annexed. 2. Persons and their nominees and appointees are entitled to appointment as administrators with the will annexed in the same order of priority as in the appointment of administrators, except that, as to foreign letters, an interested person has priority over one who is not.

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