About A Will

As a lawyer having practiced in wills and estates, I saw many clients over the years.

One middle aged couple in particular remain imprinted in my memory. They had traveled over 75km to see me in order to establish testamentary trusts for their now adult children.

What was remarkable about this particular appointment didn’t have anything to do with the law or their wills. It was the woman’s reaction to death which moved me. She was an extremely sweet client, yet the thought of dying became too much for her. She cried helplessly during the whole consultation to the point where we all considered rescheduling. Never before that meeting did I consider the emotional side of having a will prepared and administering a loved one’s estate.

With so many issues to think about, coupled with the overwhelming thought of what will transpire after passing away, estate planning often gets pushed aside.

This informational resource provides guidance on matters to consider when making a will and undertaking estate planning. It is by no means a substitute for professional advice from a licensed attorney. It is merely a place to contemplate options, see what’s involved and to view what a will actually looks like before fronting an attorney.

Everybody needs to plan. I hope this resource helps guide your way.

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